Active Collab is a superior Dapulse alternative

Looking for a Dapulse alternative with lots of features but that's actually easy to use? Look no further, Active Collab has everything you need.

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What makes Active Collab such a good Dapulse alternative

Dapulse works when you first start out and have only a few tasks and even fewer projects. But after a awhile, it becomes difficult (and too colorful) to find what you need.

Active Collab is a better alternative to Dapulse because it's robust yet simple to use. With Active Collab, you won't have trouble managing work even when your task lists grow to +50 tasks.

Active Collab has the same collaboration and project management features as Dapulse, and more. You can also track time and expenses with it and issue invoices to clients, all using the same tool.

Active Collab is simple to use as your team members can use Kanban view and move tasks like cards across columns, while you can plan those same tasks on a Gantt-like timeline.

Active Collab also has a powerful report engine that helps you find out what's due soon across projects, who works on what, how much time your team has tracked last week, and more.

Why companies prefer Active Collab over Dapulse as a project management solution

Dapulse alternative with Gantt-like timelineview

Gantt-like timeline

Manage and schedule tasks on a Gantt-like timeline.

Dapulse alternative with Kanban column view

Column view

Move tasks Kanban boards, advanced reports, and more.

Dapulse alternative with free integrations

Free integrations

Connect to other apps like Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.

Dapulse alternative that everyone can use

Easy to use

Your team can start using it immediately, without any training.

Dapulse alternative with time tracking and invoicing

Time tracking and invoicing

Track time spent on tasks and issue invoices based on hourly rates.

Dapulse alternative with advanced reports

Advanced reports

Managers can always get a high-level overview across projects.

Dapulse alternative where you can keep everything

Central hub

Keep all project information, discussions, and files in one place.

Dapulse alternative with a personal dashboard

Personal dashboard

See all your tasks, notifications, and activity on one page.

We use Active Collab to manage our projects, tasks, hours, R&D and more. It's more functional, effective & affordable than everything else we've tried.

Alex Favin
at Creative Outfit Inc.

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