Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in ActiveCollab

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab, as a project management software, plays a central role in a company and has access to sensitive data. One of the most important measures in the world today is keeping data and accounts safe, as teams rely on data to keep the wheels turning. This is where methods like two-factor authentication take the spotlight and ensure the security of businesses, restricting access only to authorized users.

Understanding Two-Factor Authentication

The name itself reveals that two-factor authentication is a security process that requires two factors to authenticate a user’s identity and grant access to accounts and data.

No matter how complex and strong, one password proved insufficient to protect user safety throughout the years. So, this extra layer of security involves one of the following commonly used factors:

  • Something you know (passwords, PIN codes)
  • Something you have (tokens, smart cards, mobile apps)
  • Something you are (biometric characteristics)

The main difference between protecting your account with a password and activating 2FA is the number of factors necessary for access. While a password is one factor, two-factor authentication requires an additional step that prevents unauthorized access even when the first factor is compromised.

Common 2FA Methods

Let’s check out the most widely used methods for two-factor authentication:

  • SMS — a code is sent via text message on the user’s phone
  • TOTP — a Time-Based One-Time Password is generated using a mobile authenticator app
  • Push notification — a push notification is sent to the user’s phone
  • E-mail code — a one-time code is sent to the user’s email address
  • Hardware token — a token device generates time-sensitive codes
  • Biometric verification — the device scans a user’s unique physical characteristics
  • Smart cards — a chipped card is inserted into a card reader
  • Backup codes — the user is provided with a set of one-time-use codes

How 2FA Works in ActiveCollab

We’ve made it possible to add an extra layer of security to your ActiveCollab account by providing backup codes that you can save and use when necessary to access it.

Once you enter the correct username and password, you’ll be prompted to provide a second factor. In this case, the second factor is backup codes generated by a free app. If both factors are verified, access will be granted.

Setting Up 2FA for Your Account

To activate two-factor authentication in ActiveCollab, trace the following steps:

  • Go to and log in
  • In the top right corner, find the Security button
  • Enable two-factor authentication and download the Google Authenticator app from the PlayStore or App Store for free
  • In the bottom right corner of the Google Authenticator app, tap the "+" button and select the "Scan a QR code" option
  • Scan the code with your phone camera
  • Enter the code provided by the app and verify
  • Once activated, download and save the backup codes
Find a video instruction with even more detailed steps here.

Benefits of 2FA in Project Management Software

A well-integrated app can centralize data from every team in a company and provide all the necessary information in one place. While this is very beneficial for the workflow, it’s also a very vulnerable spot for potential attacks.

Two-factor authentication provides enhanced security for confidential information and ensures that only authorized users can access it, even when passwords are compromised. Login details are often the target of phishing attacks, but a second verification factor blocks any attempt to breach security.

Following the issues created by these attacks, many industries introduced additional safety requirements. Companies must comply with data protection regulations to meet industry standards and requirements from regulatory bodies.

Another benefit 2FA brings is the trust of users and clients, who don’t have to worry about their sensitive information being compromised. An additional security layer also provides an additional layer of faith in doing business with a company.

So, don’t wait any further! Activate the newly implemented security measure to your ActiveCollab account and protect it even further.