Apr 17, 2019 Customer Stories

Why Core Values Matter When Crafting Great Stories

Why Core Values Matter When Crafting Great Stories

Story written by Bjørn Unnersaker, CEO at NARD


How are you making an impact on the world?

As one of the fastest-growing inbound marketing companies in Norway, Oslo-based NARD is all about crafting great stories for our clients and making sure that these tales find their way to the correct audience. Many of these have been about corporate social responsibility, as several of our clients are truly value-driven companies - like Compello, Siteimprove, and Accenture. Although NARD is a startup company, we have decided not to bring in any clients that conflict with our core values.

Through these stories, we've increased awareness in Norway around themes such as the importance of digital accessibility (if you don't build great digital user experiences for everyone, you'll actually miss out on 20% of the market), diversity (the importance of recruiting women and people with disabilities in IT), and how everyone can do something with their work that will improve the world.

How would you define Real Work?

In our office, we have a presentation with quotes from clients that are satisfied with the work we've done. Obviously, everyone loves a compliment, but we have a culture where we share the ones we get as a team. I think that when our clients tell us how much they appreciate our services, or when we have a great story out in media that's changing people's perception (we're also doing PR), those are the days I really feel that we've done some Real Work.

What does one day in your life look like and what does it entail?

I usually have at least one client meeting, and I would be involved in some sales and project management. I plan my workday the night before, and I always end up with some unexpected changes during work. Therefore, I typically also do some work after putting my children to bed.

How ActiveCollab fits into a day in your life?

We all log our hours in ActiveCollab, either on billable or non-billable work. It gives us great insights into the costs of each sale, the amount of time spent on internal stuff, and ensures that we spend the right amount of time with each of our clients. It also disciplines me in terms of multitasking. I'll be thinking: "I've set aside the next hour to Accenture. I won't do anything that's not related to them." People that think they can simultaneously work on many projects are simply wrong. That's a fact; they can track their time to confirm it. ;)
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