Long-Term Growth for Entrepreneurs With Peppix

Long-Term Growth for Entrepreneurs With Peppix

Story written by Noëll Taravati, Owner at Peppix 

How are you making an impact on the world?

Our goal is to help young entrepreneurs get started with their businesses by offering a variety of web solutions. These solutions enable entrepreneurs to maintain long-term growth, and that makes us, a team of 5 students at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, very happy.

The product services Peppix offers are scripting add-ons for CMS-based systems - like accountancy integration, delivery schedules, and appointments systems (e.g. barbers), low-cost hosting, dedicated Google Suite e-mail accounts. The help we provide to maintain growth are tracking tools such as Google Suite and Hotjar. We also facilitate workshops and cover different topics (How to manage your Woocommerce system, Getting started with MailChimp, Use social media to interact with customers). We also offer support services - changing and maintaining code. 

How would you define Real Work?

Real Work means getting things done. Good communication, and above all, proper collaboration, results in great achievements. ActiveCollab helps us, and our clients, get straight to the point without losing too much time - by dividing work into tasks, and discussions into sections.

What does one day in your life look like and what does it entail?

Getting up at 7:00 AM, scrolling through my mail while making coffee, checking my ActiveCollab planning to see what’s going on - specifically the “My work” page, to see if I’ve missed any notification.

After breakfast, I get started by enabling my Focus app and block any distractions on my computer for the next 90 minutes. This means no Whatsapp, no Facebook, no Amazon, and especially no funny dog videos (although my doggie Channel can be up to some hilarity while working at home).

After spending that time programming, I’ll take a break and update my status in ActiveCollab. This process is repeated three to four times on a regular (college-free) day. If it’s a college day, this process is repeated only once or twice.

How does ActiveCollab fit into a day in your life?

Before ActiveCollab, we had to rely on email. This means that tasks were discussed over emails and clients often forgot what we’ve talked about weeks before, forcing us to play Sherlock Holmes and dig through lengthy email chains to find that information.

ActiveCollab has become our center for practically everything. It’s the place to check your project status, things we’ve discussed, files we’ve shared, and time we’ve spent on tasks. It’s hard to imagine a day without ActiveCollab. Thanks to ActiveCollab, one thing, in particular, has been made possible: being able to work at home, without missing information relating to your project. I don’t have to tell anyone how to use ActiveCollab - they just get it. Clients that used Trello in the past often find ActiveCollab more intuitive to use, and outside freelancers effortlessly interact with our clients over it. It’s all within one excellent and user-friendly platform - ActiveCollab.

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