Jul 21, 2020 Customer Stories

DigiSomni - ActiveCollab Brought Sanity to the Fray

DigiSomni - ActiveCollab Brought Sanity to the Fray

My name is Ryan Li, and I am the co-founder of DigiSomni. We are focused on bringing 3D VR solutions to businesses and communities of every size. Using the open-source platform Vircadia, many groups and organizations hold their meetups and events virtually with full presence and effect despite Covid-19. With DigiSomni as its primary sponsor, we design, develop, and create worlds for every use case.

Tasks all over the place

We have quite a diverse team of designers and developers working on projects; however, with every other project management solution, people and tasks were all over. We could not accurately assign tasks or clarify what needed to be done and what was already done. 

ActiveCollab brought sanity to the fray and made things clear to everyone involved from management to the designers.

Everything is clear again

The #1 feature that ActiveCollab has is its UI. For me, it made everything clear again in the world of management and forward-facing creation. It helped bridge the gap between developers, designers, and the project at hand. I believe most platforms focus on adding functionality without practicality, thereby making the functionality far less useful than it should otherwise have been.

My time is scarce, as I am always working on a diverse set of projects with clients from many fields. Simple to use interface with the flexibility for advanced functionality is exactly what I need for my variable timetables. Simple when I’m on the go, functional when I need it.

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