Using more than one solution can lead to scattering important messages and files. Centralize all your communication in one place, and don't let anything slip through the cracks.


Get the message across to stay on the same page! Share instant messages, links, and files without switching apps or tabs. Chat away with individuals, groups, or teams.

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chat in ActiveCollab

In-App Chat

Ditch all the other apps and exchange messages with your team exactly where work happens.

custom groups chat

Custom Groups

Communicate with your teams or create custom groups to chat about specific matters of interest.


Keep communication flowing! Need to ask a question or share your thoughts? Leave a comment, or react to a comment, and express your thoughts.

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mentions of teams or person


Mention entire teams at once, all the subscribers on a task, or a specific person to get a message across.

communicate through comments

Easy Collaboration

It doesn't matter where your team and clients are located when you can communicate through comments.


Before making any decision, it’s best to put your heads together. Start a discussion to tackle any topic far and wide, exchange ideas, or provide feedback.

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convert discussion to task

Convert to Task

Fire up a discussion, brainstorm ideas, and then turn them into an actionable task quickly.

subscribers in discussion


Invite all the people you need to discuss ideas, share opinions, and exchange files.


Jot down all important thoughts and ideas about a project in Notes - a perfect place to keep them safe and neatly organized.

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stacking notes in collections


Organize your notes by stacking them in collections. Find what you're looking for in no time.

versions of notes


Write and rewrite notes as many times as you like. You can always review the previous versions of it.

discussion through comments


Collaborate with your team and clients by discussing a note through comments.

User Roles

Keep everyone in the loop and collaborate, but do not overshare. Different user roles let you assign each user with permissions corresponding to their role in the project.

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member role in ActiveCollab


Invite people, manage your team, control what they can do in ActiveCollab.

member+ role in ActiveCollab

Member +

Grant additional permissions, such as working with invoices, to some of your team members.

client+ role in ActiveCollab

Client +

Give some of your clients more permissions in ActiveCollab, so you can collaborate more closely.

owner role in ActiveCollab


Allow certain team members to see and change everything in your ActiveCollab account.

Real-Time Notifications

Get notified of the latest developments on the project in real-time and ensure you never miss a thing. Notifications will reach you on any device at any time, keeping you in the loop all of the time.

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new comment notification

New Comments

Subscribers will be notified in real-time every time a new comment is posted on tasks, notes, discussions.

notifications from ActiveCollab on Slack

Slack Integration

Receive notifications from your ActiveCollab workspace on a Slack channel.

browser notifications

Browser Notifications

Turn your browser notifications on or off, depending on how focused or informed you'd like to be.

notifications on mentions


Notifications will inform you if someone mentioned you directly, so you react right away.

File Storage

Uploading files to your project in ActiveCollab will ensure you can find all the important documents whenever you need them and always know exactly where they are.

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storage space information in ActiveCollab

100 GB

There's plenty of space available for all your files. Upgrade your storage space if you need even more.

supported all file types

All File Types

There's plenty of space available for all your files. Upgrade your storage space if you need even more.

connect Google Drive and Dropbox to ActiveCollab

G-Drive & Dropbox

Connect your Google and Dropbox accounts to ActiveCollab and easily share your files with the team.