Time Tracking

It's hard to charge by the hour when one doesn't know how many hours were spent working on something. ActiveCollab has an integrated Stopwatch that can be set off on a project or a task. The uploaded time records can be later used for invoicing clients.


With Stopwatch you can track the time you spend working on your tasks. Run, pause, and resume the Stopwatch at any time, and add the time record once you're done.

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Time tracking on task

Task Time Tracking

Set off the Stopwatch to track hours and minutes you invest in specific tasks every day.

time tracking on whole project

Project stopwatch

Track the time you spend working on a project as a whole. Pause, unpause, and upload when ready.

tracking time on different tasks

Automatic Switch

Tracking time on multiple tasks across many projects in one day? Switch seamlessly between them.

showing time on stopwatch

Team Timesheet

Keep an eye on the team's productivity, capacity, and availability, with a single glance. View all the time records in the Team Timesheet, week by week, to get a complete picture.

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weekly overview of time tracking

Weekly Overview

Get an overview of where your team's time went, week by week.

filter time records by team

Filter by Team

Filter out quickly whose time records you'd like to view, choose entire teams or individuals.

expand/collapse time records


Enjoy a bird's-eye view of the whole week, or get nitty-gritty and explore the details of each time record.

Time Reporting

Use advanced time reporting tools to get an overview of tracked time and narrow down the search with advanced filtering options. You'll never miss a deadline again.

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time report

Time Report

Filter out time records by project, client, assignee, job type, month, year, and more.

estimated vs. tracked time records

Estimated vs. Tracked

Compare the estimated vs. tracked time records and find out which task got out of control.

Job Types

From tracking your hours on a project to charging your clients, ActiveCollab is there every step of the way. You can create job types to define what you're working on and set rates at which you'll charge your work.

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Internal hourly rates

Internal Hourly Rates

Set up internal hourly rates for each employee. They're independent of those charged to clients.

Internal hourly rates per job type

Job Type

Create job types, appoint them different hourly rates, and then use them when tracking time on tasks.