Manage your projects in ActiveCollab from an idea to an invoice, and include your clients throughout all the phases! Keep all your processes in one place so no information slips unnoticed.


Every project begins with a rough estimate of activities required to meet the client's wishes. In ActiveCollab, you can create a professional estimate that lists all the actions and their costs and send it as an offer to potential clients!

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won/lost estimates

Mark As Won/Lost

Manage the estimates you send your clients by marking them as won or lost.

duplicate estimates


There's no need to create the same estimates over and over. Simply duplicate and send them away.

turn an estimate into a project

Create Project

Start working on your project right away by turning an estimate into a project.

turn estimate into an invoice

Create invoice

If your estimate is ready to be invoiced, just turn it into an invoice and send it to your client.

history of estimate changes

History of Changes

Adjusted your estimate and want to review the changes? See everything that happened and when.

Client Company

When you have regular clients from different countries, you need a way to personalize your business relationships. ActiveCollab offers a way to create client profiles so you can adapt and group your estimates, projects, and invoices.

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collaborating company details

Company Details

Enter the details for each company you're collaborating with, from their name and address to currencies.

custom hourly rates setup

Custom Hourly Rates

Set up different hourly rates per job type for each project you're working on, to be charged later.

company invoice overview

Company Invoice

Access all the invoices you created for a company from their profile page.


The final stage of each business endeavor is getting paid for your services. ActiveCollab makes this process easier and quicker by centralizing all your work, communication, and payment methods in one place.

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client's invoice

Invoice Your Clients

Transform your work into income by invoicing your clients exactly where projects develop.

payment reminders


Forget the awkwardness of reminding someone to pay you. Let the system send them a reminder.

recurring invoice

Recurring Invoice

No need to do repetitive work. ActiveCollab will automatically send invoices at regular time intervals.

Stripe Integration

PayPal & Stripe Integration

Connect your accounts to receive online payments from your clients.

QuickBooks integration


Send all the new invoices from ActiveCollab to QuickBooks to further process them.

Client Collaboration

Make the most of all the options ActiveCollab offers to collaborate with your clients in the best way! Communicate through tasks rather than emails and show them only what they need to be involved in.

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assign tasks to clients

Assign Tasks

If your client needs to review a task, assign it to them, set up a due date, and add a reminder if necessary.

client comments in discussion


Mention your client directly on a task, note, or discussion if you need their feedback promptly.

Client+ role collaboration

Client +

Invite your most significant clients and let them participate in the projects' development.

file sharing

Share Files

Centralize your files and keep them tied to the tasks they are related to, so you never lose them again.

create discussion with clients


Talk freely about ideas where you can transform them later into actionable tasks and reality.

create notes in ActiveCollab


Don't scatter thoughts and important info on pieces of paper. Collect them in ActiveCollab's notes.