Business Health

Knowing whether projects are profitable or not can help make better decisions in the future. Also, expenses can get out of hand during a project's progress, and it's useful to know when a budget threshold has been breached.

Budget Types

Time is money! Choose the right budgeting type to control the project's finances fully.

fixed sum budget type

Fixed Budget

Agree upon a fixed sum with clients and make sure you stay within budget until a project is finished.

time and expenses budget type

Time and Expenses

Track your billable hours and expenses and charge your clients in regular intervals or upon completion.

non billable budget type


Use ActiveCollab for your internal projects and organize the entire business in one tool.

Budget Alerts

Stay in control of your budget. Adjust budget alerts and stay aware of the project's expenses.

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budget alert setup

Percentage Alert

The system lets you know when your expenses reach as many budget percentages as needed.

budget alert notification


You'll receive an email and an in-app notification so you know you've spent a certain budget amount.


Get a full report on the payments, invoices, or uninvoiced work in a few clicks!

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payment status

Payment Status

Review your payments through custom dates, on a yearly or monthly level.

all invoices report


Create a custom report of all your invoices, check their status, and manage them easily.

unvoiced work

Unvoiced Work

Don't let your efforts slip under the radar. Overview your uninvoiced work and take action.

Project Profitability

Calculate project profitability and use it to reduce losses and generate more income.

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budget overview

Project Budget vs. Cost

Make sure to keep your expenses under control. Stay within budget on every project you're managing.

project Info

Project Info

Get a quick overview of your budget status by checking the percentage of the spent amount.