People & Resources

Making sure no one is fiddling their thumbs or burning out is difficult without an overview of their assignments. Keeping track of days off and sick leave in spreadsheets can be challenging, especially when they need to be synced with milestones and tasks.


Get a bird's-eye view using Workload and distribute work across team members. Handle large and small teams easily and create a positive and balanced work environment.

Workload management
daily capacity setup

Daily Capacity

Set up a default daily capacity for all employees or appoint custom daily capacities to each team member.

overtime overview


Keep an eye on who has too much on their plate and has to work over their daily capacity.

rearrange tasks by drag and drop

Drag & Drop

Easily rearrange tasks from one assignee to another by dragging and dropping them around.

assignment overview

Assignment Overview

Enjoy a bird's-eye view of all assignments, overtime, non-working days, busy bees, and idlers.

ActiveCollab project calendar


Create availability records to know who's available and keep everyone in the loop.

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track of days off

Dates Off

No more additional spreadsheets! Keep track of days off, leaves, and vacations in one place.

workload overview


Vacations and non-working days will appear in Workload, so you'll know who's there, who's not, and when.

availability date picker

Date Picker

When scheduling a task, you'll know right away if its assignee is available or not at a certain time.

summarized days off

Days Off Summarized

Throw away the abacus. All the days off are summed up for each employee, year by year.

Team Reporting

Keep an eye on your team's progress using reports and overlook all tasks and projects.

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task report

Task Report

Create custom reports of all tasks, filter them out, and export them as a CSV file when necessary.

team timeline

Team Timeline

Create custom reports of all tasks, filter them out, and export them as a CSV file when necessary.


Invite team members and clients to ActiveCollab and work together on projects.

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user roles overview


Appoint different user roles to each employee and client, control what others can do in ActiveCollab.

role permissions


We understand not everyone should see everything. Give certain permissions only to a few people.