148 Agency - Striving Toward a More Just, Equal and Beautiful World

148 Agency - Striving Toward a More Just, Equal and Beautiful World

Project Management Methodologies and Frameworks

This article is just a small part of the story about project management and it's best practices that we covered in great detail in our flagship ebook.

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How would you define Real Work?

We would define Real Work as having inspiring projects made by a blooming team devoted to making customers happy. But more than anything, Real Work is a no bullshit work. We like to tell real stories, with real involvement from our team, and our customers too. We want to work more as a partner than a service provider. 

What does one day in your life look like and what does it entail?

Every day, on my arrival, first I am having a coffee! And while I am asking my colleagues how they are doing, I tell them my last dream (when it’s not too inconvenient…). Then I check emails, handle priorities, and organize my day. My job is mainly to manage projects, team’s work, and dealing with clients.

At the beginning of a project, we think about the strategic recommendation which defines project actions. When the client approves our recommendation, I define, plan and coordinate every project task, and select the creative and technical team who is going to work on it. During the implementation, as we sell daily rate, I make sure that each project fits in the time frame we expected to be profitable. I also handle relationships with our customers, and manage the team.

Every project is different, no day is like another. And I like it that way.

How does ActiveCollab fit into a day in your life?

ActiveCollab first helps me organize my projects at the very beginning. I create task lists, put in the tasks and subtasks, add the due date and the time estimate, assign each task to a team member…

As we work on a time based invoicing, every person in the agency has to log their time in ActiveCollab. This is how we know if our project is profitable. To check if everyone is doing well, we’ve developed an internal tool based on ActiveCollab data: the “Times Tracker” (a basic name, I admit!). It’s a dashboard with all team members, and the times they have logged. Those who did it well are displayed in green and the others in red. Every Monday, I check if everyone has logged their time for the previous week well and, if not, I get pretty mad! :)

Fortunately, Active Collab is easy to use, and our tool helps our team to overview their work, so most of the time everyone is doing great.