Project Management Software for Nonprofit Organizations

Create a workspace that lets you spend all your time focusing on important missions and making the world a better place. A platform that breaks down your process into a manageable workflow. Automate your tasks and collaborate better!

  • Simplify your workflow
  • Improve communication
  • Take control over time

Focus on your goals

Stop wasting invaluable hours on repetitive activities. Let ActiveCollab take over so you can concentrate your efforts on higher goals. You won’t even have to check your finances constantly, as ActiveCollab notifies you when necessary.

organize notes, files and discussions

Organize vital information

A document is more easily lost than found. Waste no time looking through emails when you can sort files and organize notes and discussions in ActiveCollab.

overview activities

Overview your activities

Follow the progress your teams are making in the way that suits you best, whether that’s a list, board, or timeline.

overview of distribution of workload

Monitor time

Estimate the hours and days it takes to complete assignments and then compare those predictions with actual time records. Make sure you know where and how your time is invested.

communicate trough chat

Centralize communication

You can exchange files and messages with your team and clients in ActiveCollab in a variety of ways. Keep all the info in one place and include quickly all the necessary people.

planning using calendar

Plan ahead

Track your future activities on the calendar and take into account your team member’s upcoming assignments.

budget info

Watch your finances

Insert your project’s budget and keep an eye on it at all times. ActiveCollab will notify you when you’re reaching certain financial limits.

Some real-life feedback from our customers

For over a decade, more than 50,000 teams made Real Work happen with ActiveCollab.

We use ActiveCollab to manage 100% of our projects, daily work, and long-term planning. ActiveCollab gives us one place to begin our days rather than having to check 3 to 4 different apps.

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Dr. Michael St. Pierre
Dr. Michael St. Pierre

Catholic Campus Ministry Association

ActiveCollab is the central planning unit of my work. Most of my work is laid out in the tasks with all the deadlines I need to pay attention to. It’s a lot of data put in one place and streamlined to make work more efficient.

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Rumbani Ndhlovu

Miracle Life Family Church