Configuring Email

Outgoing email is used by ActiveCollab to send email notifications, invites, or daily recap emails. Setting up incoming email allows you to import replies to email notifications and any messages sent to a project email address.

Warning: Make sure you use a dedicated email address. All emails are deleted from the mail server once they're imported to ActiveCollab.

To set it up, you'll need to enter your server's SMTP and IMAP settings. Your system administrator or ISP should be provide you the information.

Port Numbers

Be sure to use the correct port numbers. Below are the default port values, depending on whether you use a secure connection or not:
Default port for SMTP:

  • None - port 25
  • SSL - port 465
  • TLS - port 587

Default ports for IMAP:

  • None - port 143
  • SSL - port 993
  • TLS - port 993