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Sending Email to Projects


You can create tasks and leave comments straight from your email inbox, without having to log in to ActiveCollab.

Emailing Tasks

You can create a task by sending a message to a project email address. The address is generated automatically for every project, so all you have to do is copy it:

  1. Open Project Info,
  2. Copy the Project Email address (eg.

To create a new task via email:

  • Create a new message and put Project's email address as the recipient,
  • Write the name of the task in the subject,
  • Write the task description in the email body,
  • Attach files and/or in-line images (optional),.
  • Click Send

If you included other recipients, ActiveCollab will recognize if those people are on the project and subscribe them to the new task.

The email won't create a new task if the sender isn't part of the project or if the project is completed. Also, if the email includes a signature with double dashes (--), everything below it won't be added to the task description.

Clients can see the project address and send the email to it, just like other team members. If they have a Client+ role, a task will be created. If they're a regular client, a discussion will be created. In both cases, the project leader will automatically be subscribed and get a notification.

Using Your Own Project Address

To use a custom project email (eg., simply set up email forwarding - then all the emails sent to that address will be forwarded to the project to create tasks or discussions.

Replying to Comments

Whenever you get an email notification about a new comment, you can reply directly to post a comment in ActiveCollab:

  • Open the notification in your email client,
  • Click Reply,
  • Write your comment,
  • Attach files and/or inline images (optional),,
  • Click Send.

If you don't reply to the notification email directly, but instead send a new email to the notification "from" address, that email will be ignored by ActiveCollab. That means the email won't bounce and the sender won't be notified that the message was ignored.

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