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Recurring Invoices


ActiveCollab lets you create invoices that are regularly sent to your clients. This is very useful if you wish to automatically charge your clients for subscriptions or recurring services.

Creating Recurring Invoices 

  • Open Invoices,
  • Click Recurring Invoices,
  • Click +New Recurring Invoice,
  • Select a client company or enter a new one,
  • Enter the address and choose a currency,
  • Enter the invoice name (eg. Monthly Subscription),
  • Choose when the first invoice will be issued,
  • Choose the frequency: every day, week, month, etc.,
  • Set when the invoice will be due after being issued,
  • Enter the invoice number,
  • Add the items, quantity, cost, and the tax (if applicable),
  • Add a discount (optional),
  • Click Create Invoice,
  • Choose whether to Issue and send invoices to clients automatically,
  • Click ON and OFF to enable or disable the recurring invoice.

After enabling the recurring invoice, the first invoice will be created on the specified date. Subsequent invoices will be created in the selected time intervals.

For example, if you set the start date to January 1 and the frequency to biweekly - the invoices will be created on Jan 1, Jan 15, Jan 29, etc.

Stopping Recurring Invoices

There are two ways of disabling a recurring invoice:

  • Switch off the invoice to disable it temporarily,
  • Click ... and then click Delete to remove the invoice.

 You can now include a QR code in your invoices!

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