Chatting in ActiveCollab

Chat allows sharing instant messages with individuals or with teams. Chat is available for user roles: Owner, Member, and Member+. Chat is not available for roles Client+ and Client users.

Chat Functions

Use the in-app Chat to send and receive messages, and share files.

Send a Message

Type text into the text box and click Send or click Enter.

Delete/Edit Sent Message

  • Hover next to the sent message, to see the three dots menu.
  • Click three dots to Delete or Edit a sent message.

Note: ActiveCollab never deletes your messages without your action, they will be there for as long as you wish.

Sharing Files

  • Click the plus to add a file.
  • Add a file from the computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

The file is uploaded, it shows up, and it can be sent or deleted by clicking the x next to the file.

Once the file is sent it is shown in the chat window.


New messages are shown as pop-up bubbles on the right which can be useful if you want to quickly open the conversation.

  • Hover over the bubble to see the name of the person or group.
  • Open the bubble to read unread messages.
  • Once you have no unread messages, the chat bubble will disappear.

Receiving Messages

New messages in chat are shown as a badge number on the Chat, and each is accompanied by a sound when ActiveCollab is opened in the browser.

New messages are also shown as conversation shortcuts, a circle appearing in the bottom right, that you can hover over to see the name of the chat or the person who’s sending it.

Click the name of the conversation to Mute it and you will not receive badges or sounds for that conversation.

Turning Off Conversation Shortcuts and Sounds

Click on the chat profile picture in the upper left corner and you will be able to turn off sounds or conversation shortcuts.

Chatting with others

Chat with an individual

Find a person you would like to share an individual chat with, and communicate through ActiveCollab’s Chat!

  • Find a member’s name through the Search field in Chat
  • Click on their profile image
  • Type the message
  • Click Send or press Enter

Chatting with a group

Create a group that you can chat with or use existing Team chats and General chat, which are automatically generated. Members of teams in the People section will see team chat in the Chat hub. Once a person leaves the team, that team chat will also disappear.

  • Click New Message
  • Search and add participants
  • Add participants to the conversation
  • Click create group
  • Type a message
  • Click Send or press Enter

Managing group chat members

The chat administrator is the person with the crown. They can manage people in group chats.

To add new people to a group:

  • Tick the checkbox next to the name
  • Click Invite

To manage participants:

  • Click Participants

Moderate chat members or allow someone to be the Chat Administrator

Click the title of the chat and choose to see participants, mute, or leave the chat group. 

Reacting to Messages

To react to a message: 

  • Hover the cursor over someone’s message
  • Click on the thumbs-up image that appears
  • Choose the emoji, or more of them, that you will leave on the message