Team Timesheet

The Timesheet is a feature available with the GetPaid bundle. It shows your team's time records throughout the weeks.

This feature can be viewed by those who have Owner and Member+ roles with the option to create projects, manage people and use reports.


  • On the left, you’ll see all your ActiveCollab users. Expand their fields to see which projects and tasks they have been working on,
  • All these projects and tasks are clickable, taking you straight to them, letting you view all the necessary details,
  • The time records will be displayed week by week, and the filter in the upper right corner allows you to choose which week you'd like to look at. There are no time limits, regarding the past or the future,
  • Weekends, holidays and days off are marked differently so they’re easy to notice. All the users can still track time on these days, and those hours will be considered as overtime,

  • The numbers will be colored differently, depending on the user's daily capacity. They will be red if a person tracked fewer hours than their daily capacity. They will be orange if the tracked time exceeds the daily capacity. If the numbers are black, this means a person tracked the exact amount of hours as their daily capacity. The same color-coding applies to the weekly totals in the column on the far right,
  • If a Member+ is not included in a certain Project, they'll still be able to see the time records, but as Uncategorized,
  • You can filter the results by users or teams in the dropdown picker in the upper left corner,
  • If you click on a user's name, you'll be taken to their profile in the People section. There you'll be able to set their daily capacity and hourly rate. Only Owners and Member + roles can do this,

  • Tasks will appear in the Timesheet only if users tracked time on them,
  • Time can be tracked directly on a project, in which case the time records will be in the "Directly on project" section, rather than on individual tasks,

  • Time records on completed tasks will still be shown, but the name of the task will be stricken through.