May 27, 2019 Customer Stories

The Agency Life - Running over 80 Projects with ActiveCollab

The Agency Life - Running over 80 Projects with ActiveCollab

Story written by Wolfgang Winter, Project Manager at seowerk

How are you making an impact on the world?

At seowerk, we help our customers be successful in online marketing, whether they’re a small craft business or a large software enterprise. We help everyone be visible online and boost their business.

Founded in 2014 in a small office with three employees, we are now operating with 30 colleagues in the heart of Augsburg, Germany. By acquiring more and more experts, we were able to expand our services from search engine optimization and Google Ads to other areas such as social media marketing, Amazon SEO, affiliate marketing or public relations. This enables us to support our clients individually and tailor-fitted to their needs.

How would you define Real Work?

For us, Real Work means being satisfied with the results at the end of the day, and making the customer happy (best case scenario - have fun in the process as well).

What does one day in your life look like and what does it entail?

A typical day at our office starts by switching the coffee machine on while our colleagues gradually arrive. After having the first cup of coffee and checking our emails, ActiveCollab becomes a constant companion throughout the day.

At seowerk, we are divided into different teams, for example, search engine optimization, content and social media marketing, search engine advertising. Each colleague is assigned different clients and tasks, which are processed during the day. If there are customers who are in charge of several online marketing disciplines, we meet regularly for small meetings to discuss the current status.


For important notes, the comment function in ActiveCollab has proven to be very useful. The discussion with the customer no longer takes place via e-mail, but directly in the project management tool. As a service provider, we find ourselves in constant contact with customers, technical support and other external or internal parties involved, so it’s safe to say communication fulfills a large part of our daily business.

How does ActiveCollab fit into a day in your life?

ActiveCollab supports us enormously in our daily work. Individual subtasks of the respective online marketing channels are defined and assigned to the corresponding person. By recording the number of hours worked, the tool is excellently suited as transparent proof of activity. Deadlines are defined in collaboration with the customer and clearly displayed in the application. ActiveCollab helps us keep an overview with an easy-to-use interface. 
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