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Realising Potential With ActiveCollab

Story written by Jackie O'Dowd, Founding Partner & CEO at Realising Potential 

How are you making an impact on the world?

Realising Potential is making an impact by helping clients execute strategy, deliver successful projects, design and improve business capability, deliver value, and optimize performance. We do this through a combination of the realising success ® Framework (a cloud-based tool) and consulting services. This combination starts some fascinating and productive conversations and delivers sustainable success.

How would you define real work?

Real Work means aligning and calibrating an organization's key enablers to deliver strategic outcomes and encourage desired behaviors. It is working with people to understand the why, what, how, who, when, and where of work. It’s about having just the right amount of strategy, technology, process, people, and information to get the job done. Real work is realising success - every day.

 What does one day in your life look like and what does it entail?

The day starts early, typically 5.30am – breakfast, walk the dog, and into the office by 7.30am, before the interruptions start. A typical day will include team meetings, phone calls, client problem solving, developing and writing content for the realising success ® platform, meeting with clients, sales and marketing, and working with technology partners. At the end of each day, project files get updated, resource allocation is managed, and billing is approved. Then it’s time to go home and plan activities for the next day on the drive there.

How does ActiveCollab fit into a day in your life?

ActiveCollab is key to the way we manage our business. It is the central repository for managing all projects and work activity, storing project documents and files, and managing resource allocation. We use it for all time recording and managing billable and non-billable time. Project tasks and notes are also managed through ActiveCollab. It is the project information go-to place for our team.