Jul 9, 2019 Customer Stories

Making Brands Cool With Two&From

Making Brands Cool With Two&From

The writer of this article - Hello! - is from the creative department, so the rest of the day from his perspective is a combination of creative work, research, and fun. We try to use every possible distraction productively and incorporate it into our creative process.

We're also adopters of the art-copy-dev creative department. As a digital-first agency, we recognize that web development and UX/UI play a big part in generating innovative ideas.

How does ActiveCollab fit into a day in your life?

We think of ActiveCollab as our digital headquarters. Every client and every project have its slot, assignees, and subscribers. Of course, we use email as well, but ActiveCollab is the place where things become official, and the agency gets its next steps in order.

Throughout the day, ActiveCollab is a fail-safe against our human errors. It helps us keep track of everything and keeps distractions to a minimum. We love the straightforward UX/UI as well.

The fact that we can handle the entire process of a campaign, from beginning to end, gives us a new perspective on our work. We feel the responsibility to create worthwhile experiences.
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