Education Project Management Software

Education is the cornerstone of changing the world. Preparing new generations for the future requires high-quality education, which requires detailed organization of everyday tasks, activities, and paperwork.

  • Manage responsibilities with ease
  • Keep documents safe
  • Track students’ progress

Organizing and planning responsibilities

ActiveCollab helps teachers and students to track progress, organize workflow, and efficiently plan and synchronize schedules. Plus, it’s an excellent tool for learning more about project management.

my work for better organization

Use My Work for better organization

ActiveCollab gives you a neat, clean overview of all the essentials. Find it all in My Work and focus on upcoming tasks to meet your deadlines!

track project progress and chat

Keep communication flowing

For successful collaboration, communication is key. Need to ask your peer a question? Hit them up on chat without leaving the app!

student progress tracking

Student progress tracking

Create a project using your syllabus, invite students to that project, and oversee how much progress each student has made on the syllabus.

all notes

A safe space for all important notes

Do you have to deal with scattered piles of notes all the time? Use Notes for jotting down ideas or lists, and in the comment section, you can further discuss the topic.

students managing projects

Project management software for students

ActiveCollab is an intuitive and easy-to-use project management tool through which students can learn the essentials of managing any project.

overview of tasks

Clear overview of tasks & responsibilities

ActiveCollab allows large teams and individuals to overview their tasks and responsibilities in Workload. Get an instant scoop with birds-eye view and fine-tune schedules.

Some real-life feedback from our customers

For over a decade, more than 50,000 teams made Real Work happen with ActiveCollab.

"ActiveCollab covers the process of providing documentation, tracking the progress of ongoing tasks, managing procurement, teacher's documentation, student opinions, etc."

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