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A platform that allows the entire team to get organized, make the workflow transparent, and always meet deadlines. A dream? Nah, maybe you just haven't heard of ActiveCollab yet.

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Running a business means juggling meetings, teams, products and services, information, and finances. Even the slightest misunderstanding can create havoc for everyone. Organizing every corner of work through tools can save time and precious peace of mind.

With its templates, three ways to view your projects, workload management chart , and many more ways to automate your processes, ActiveCollab is the ideal solution to streamline the workflow to perfection. Look no further, start your 14-day free trial today!


41% of Owners have invited Clients to their ActiveCollab accounts as a way to improve communication and collaboration


57% of all ActiveCollab users create more than 10 projects

Project Workflow Management: Real-life Feedback From Our Customers

Improve the way you work with ActiveCollab Project Management and additional features! Read all about the teams that created custom workflows and perfected their automation processes with our software

The Project Overview gives our team members an outlook on workload, open projects, new products, and brainstorming. The daily to-do lists really help us keep on track, stick to our schedule, and ultimately allow us to be more productive.

Catherine - testimonial author



The teams have become more cross-functional. With a common tool and a single project management methodology, it has been much easier to assign people to projects (and managers) they were not used to working with.

Borja Gramage - testimonial author

Borja Gramage

Organizational development

Many different teams have discovered ActiveCollab positive sides. Read it all in customer stories.

Workflow Management Process

Effective practices prevent us from wasting time at work on trivial tasks. Improving the workflow process can save you precious hours. Set up your workspace and keep your team organized throughout the entire lifetime of a project

Visual workflow management

Create a project


No matter which pricing plan you choose, you get an unlimited number of projects. Creating projects is the first step toward an organized business. You can start a separate project for each team, client, or contract. Also, you can choose a different budget type for each project: fixed budget, time and expenses, or non-billable. Name your project so that everyone knows what it's about, give it a description, labels, a category, and select the client company as well as the currency.

Integrations with other apps: import your work


If you've already organized your work in another tool, you don't have to start all over with projects. Import your projects and continue right where you left off! Copy your data from Asana, Basecamp, Trello, or Wrike, and carry on. Switching platforms can be annoying, but we hope this step will make the change smoother. ActiveCollab is the right choice for you, take a look at our comparison table - a resource for you to compare our platform with our competitors but also a testament to our confidence in what we offer.

Try out sample projects


When you're new to project management and reporting, it can look a bit confusing or complicated. So, we've prepared some sample projects to make a demo and help you get a gist of what your projects might look like. Choose between Web Design, Logo Design, Recruitment Process, Growth Hacking, and Editorial Calendar, explore the way ActiveCollab works, and then implement your newly found knowledge into your very own projects.

Collaboration without fuss

Invite people


Choose who will access each project. You can invite your team as well as an unlimited number of clients. Determine who will be the project leader, and they'll be able to add or remove people from the project whenever. The more, the merrier! But on the other hand, now everyone needs to know everything. You can invite entire teams at once, so you'll be able to save some time as well.

Create tasks


Start out with your first task! Name it, explain the details through a description, assign it to a team member, select a start and due date, and add labels. We firmly believe that if you unequivocally explain what needs to be done and when, you'll reduce the possibility of misunderstandings, conflicts, and missing deadlines to a minimum. Provide a concise description of a task's outcome and watch personal accountability increase. You can upload files or attach them from your Dropbox or Google account. And if multiple people are working on a complex task, break it down into subtasks, and assign each to the right person. This way, everyone will know exactly which piece of work they're responsible for. When the work is done, check it as completed!

Manage task lists


Group your tasks into task lists by criteria of preference. For instance, you could name task lists "Week 10", "Week 11", or "To do", "In progress", "Done", or "Social media", "Newsletter", etc. If there's a set of tasks that you frequently use, simply gather them in a task list and duplicate it as many times as you need. You can also move or copy a task list to another project. Automate your process even further by completing an entire task list at once.

Project view


There are three project views to choose from, and you can change them at any time, as many times as you like, without affecting how others view the project. List view - when you want to view a project's tasks as a to-do list, grouped by task lists. Column view - otherwise known as Kanban, is a popular framework used to implement agile methodologies. For instance, if you named your task lists as "To do", "In progress", "Done", you could drag and drop the tasks from one column to another as their development progresses. Timeline view - also known as the Gantt chart, shows a project's schedule and the dependencies between activities. No more post-it notes on a board will be needed as you'll get a visual overview of your tasks, automatic rescheduling included!

Save up time

Automate your process


If some activities repeat regularly, create recurring tasks, and save yourself some leg work. Open a task, find the three dots in the upper right corner, next to its title, and create a recurring task out of it. Edit the title, description, assignee, attach files, add labels, choose subscribers. You can decide when these tasks are automatically created: daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Explore all the options for each interval!

If you only need the same task one or a few times, duplicate it, rename it, and it will appear in the same project's task list.

When you need the same task but in a different project, you can move or copy it there through the same three-dot menu.

Connect your tasks


Sometimes, one activity can't begin before another is completed. For example, a blog post can't be published before a writer completes it and a designer finishes its cover image; you can't request a demo before shortlisting what you're interested in. In ActiveCollab, you can connect your tasks in two ways. When you open a task, you'll see the "Add a dependency" button; choose if you'd like to add a parent or child task, find it through the search box, or add a new task that will automatically be linked. Alternatively, if you're viewing your project as a Gantt chart (Timeline view), find the dots, and connect them to create multiple dependencies in no time. Easy! If you change the due date of the parent task, the start date of the child task will be automatically rescheduled, so dependent tasks never overlap.

Batch edit


If you need to change the task list, assignee, due date, priority, and other options for more than one task at once, use the "Edit multiple tasks" button and save yourself time for more important activities, such as increasing your sales!

What do I need to work on?

My tasks


Open the My Work page and review all the tasks assigned to you. You can group them by project, start, or due date and then collapse or expand them for a better overview. If you have trouble remembering what you need to do every day and have a history of forgetting all about deadlines, this is the custom feature for you. It's like having a personal assistant that you can consult at any time. All the tasks and subtasks assigned to you will appear in My Work along with their due date, which will be red if overdue.

Daily email


A newsfeed of what's going on in your ActiveCollab account will be delivered to your inbox every morning. You'll be reminded of overdue tasks, assignments that are due that day, as well as upcoming ones. You'll also be informed of who's on vacation at the moment and until when. The email will let you know what's been discussed in every project, which tasks were completed, and if there are any new tasks. This will help you stay in the loop every day without having to be involved in everything. There's no need to use more than one software to keep control over your workflow!

My work


Other than your assignments, My Work also shows the Personal Timesheet, where you'll have an overview of all the time records you've added, week by week. If you need to edit them, you can do it here. Also, if you forgot to add a time record for a certain day, this is the page you're looking for.

My Work also includes your activity, so you can review and remind yourself of what you've been up to. A list of the comments you posted, tasks you've created/closed, due dates you've changed, and other information will be waiting for you here.

Also, if you're taking days off, find the Availability tab and add a new availability record. You'll also see a yearly sum of your days off, so you know how much vacation time you have left. Additional calendars become obsolete when you can rely on ActiveCollab's automation!

A personal assistant



How many times have you made a request for someone to remind you of something at a specific time? Or filled up surfaces with post-it notes so you don't forget something? Yet somehow, we still manage to forget many things. Not with ActiveCollab! Set up reminders directly on tasks, and you'll get a notification on the day you specified, as well as an email. Never let anything important slip away again with this powerful software.



Always stay updated, no matter where you are. The notifications from ActiveCollab will find you even when you're not at your desk. That's unless you don't want them to! You'll be alerted every time there's a new comment on a task, discussion, or note you're subscribed to, when someone mentions you, and when a new task is created that involves you. But if you set up a do not disturb mode on your devices, ActiveCollab will respect that, and you won't be notified until you change your settings.

Personalize your space


Choose one of the four color themes, switch them up, and find the perfect fit. If you're a fan of dark modes and don't like it when a page blinds you when you access it, check out our Neon theme. It's available on the mobile app too!

If you're trying to learn a new language, the best way to speed up the process is to surround yourself with it. That also means changing the default language on your phone, but you can also change it in ActiveCollab! Pick out your local language or the one you're learning out of the 22 we've integrated into the system. Request a new one if yours is missing!

Set up the start of your workweek and your working and non-working business days. If the company is closed on certain holidays, add them too, and ActiveCollab's automation will work around them when scheduling tasks.

Dos and Don’Ts of Project Management as a Project Manager

Do... Don't...
Let the team focus on what they need to deliver.
Aggravate your team with administrative reporting or organizational matters.
Keep the meeting time to a minimum: have short daily briefings and occasional brainstormings.
Hold hours-long meetings every day.
Write precise assignment descriptions that leave nothing to the imagination.
Let an undefined task linger for a long time.
Write down all the important conclusions that came out of a conversation.
Assume that everyone has a memory of an elephant.
Share good news so the team can celebrate together.
Diminish successful milestones.
Share bad news so the team can prepare for upcoming plan changes.
Keep your team in the dark. Important decisions and issues should be passed along!
Motivate the team by letting them know not only what but also why something needs to be done.
Burn individuals on a stake when they do something wrong. We're human, after all.
Acknowledge when someone does a great job, whether it's one person or the entire team.
Put someone on a pedestal and make others feel bad for not being as good. It destroys motivation and teamwork.

Automate Your Workflow: The Benefits of Using ActiveCollab

Switching tools is something we all dread and avoid. But let us showcase the treats you’re in for when you start using the one and only tool you’ll ever need for project management. A software solution for tracking your workflows and creating automation processes that will support your team in focusing on boosting sales.


Everyone’s in the loop

Forget about forwarding messages. When you subscribe entire teams to tasks, discussions, and notes, they will all gain access and be notified of the matter's development. Information flows much more transparently, and no one gets left out. Workflows allow all users to communicate seamlessly through one app.


Break the email chain

Collaborating with people means constantly talking to them, and when it comes to business, the communication channel is usually email. Even if you're only connected to one person, after a while, messages get lost in one email chain or another. Add more teams to the mix, various clients and suppliers, and you can say goodbye to important information. Running projects through tasks and comments saves you from attempting to dig out a sentence fragment in the endless inbox well.


Cut down on meetings.

Most meetings are held because a decision needs to be made or brief everyone on the latest changes. We often hear, "This meeting could have been an email!" but we like to say a meeting could've been a comment section on a task. Taking away one or three hours out of a workday can be expensive, especially when more than one team needs to be present. Also, it often happens that the loudest or the most chatty person takes away the spotlight and outshines shier team members who have valid arguments. When all the right people are involved, discussing an important matter can be easily done through comments.


Keep all workflows in one place

When all your communication evolves through tasks while sharing files, opinions, and information, there's no need to use other tools. And when it's all in one place, not much can get lost. Find the best way to organize your team and watch as meeting deadlines and staying updated become part of your everyday routine. Track all your processes in one platform and use the opportunity to ditch other expensive software!

Spreadsheet vs. ActiveCollab

Spreadsheet ActiveCollab
Cross-team collaboration
Centralized platform
Discussing ideas
Discussing progress
Easy to find info
File sharing
Easy to use