One app for centralized work

Modern businesses use an average of nine apps for everyday work. ActiveCollab is a platform that provides a variety of features in one place. However, it also lets you connect to all the apps you love to use! A central place to organize your entire workflow, so you never miss a thing.

apps and integrations for ActiveCollab

The benefits of managing everything through one app

user experience

Better UX

Onboarding employees to use an app is challenging enough. Teaching them how to use multiple apps and then transfer that knowledge to new recruits can be too much of a hassle. People like intuitive tools that aren't too difficult to use. If they prove to be too complicated, they're less likely to start using them. And if a team is unwilling to get on board with the necessary tools, managers have a problem on their hands.

information tracking

Easy to track information

The more apps you're using, the greater the chance of information slipping through the cracks. How often have you had to scroll through conversations to find a sentence fragment or forgot the password of that one tool where a crucial report is? Not to mention the struggle to keep everyone on the same page while they're scattered all over the place. Having a centralized area where everything can be traced back helps keep an efficient and effective workflow.

happy employees

Happier employees

When a company sets up an efficient ecosystem, teams are able to focus more on their work and less on administration. Productivity can be severely hindered when one has to deal with unnecessary bureaucracy, and it can even be used as an excuse to avoid working on tasks. All this can cause frustration among team members and cause them to leave the company. This is not good news if one of the business goals is employee retention.

managing application

Easy app management

Running one project through one tool, dealing with customer requests through another, keeping track of the budget with a third app, and having to copy information between all three and more isn't what a manager would call a dream come true. It rather sounds like more work on their plate. A unique spot where all information is connected lets management and finance do their job smoothly.

Real-life feedback from our customers

Improve the way you work with ActiveCollab Project Management and additional features.

We can capture ideas, notes from a meeting, an inspiration that we might see along the way - and it all stays in one place. There is less time spent keeping people in the loop because we can see what is happening with any project at any time.

Audrey Hunt

Audrey Hunt

Brand Designer
White Space

As a developer company, we needed a good API to integrate with other tools we use: ERP, budgeting tool, Power BI... Thanks to the integrations, ActiveCollab is not "just" a tool, it is one more tool in our environment.

borja gramage

Borja Gramage

Organizational development

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How to use apps & integrations in ActiveCollab

Download the apps

Go to Apps&Downloads and get ActiveCollab on all devices. The desktop app for your computer will allow you to step away from the browser clutter and focus on organizing your tasks. The mobile app will enable you to collaborate on the go with your team, no matter the location or device.

File sharing

Create a task, note, or discussion and click the "Attach files" button. If you haven't already, connect your G-Drive and Dropbox account, and share away. The advantage of sharing documents this way instead of uploading them is the collaborative dimension. You won't have to update the files by uploading each version, as you and your colleagues will be able to alter them together within the document itself. Also, the files will be neatly organized through tasks, but you can access them through the Files tab in your project as well.

Time tracking

Integrated Stopwatch

ActiveCollab allows you to track time on tasks and projects. Make sure you've enabled time tracking on your projects, and you'll find the integrated Stopwatch on each task. Hit the play button to set it off, and then pause/stop/resume it from the timer you'll find in the upper right corner of the project. You can review the time records of the entire team in the Team Timesheet at any time.

Hubstaff & Timecamp

If you're used to other time tracking apps, no worries. Go to Add-Ons in the menu on the left and connect your favorite tools to ActiveCollab. Keep working seamlessly through a centralized app.



Are you using a lot of apps and using Zapier to connect them all? Add ActiveCollab to the list and let your apps talk to each other. You'll stop wasting time copying or losing data all over the place.

API & Webhooks

These are not the integrations you're looking for? Build your own custom ones with our API, and provide your team with exactly what they need. You can also notify 3rd party services about what's happening in ActiveCollab by using webhooks.


If you're a fan of Slack and keep it on your screen at all times, you'll be pleased to know that by connecting it, notifications from ActiveCollab will reach you there swiftly.


You can create invoices in ActiveCollab directly from your time records, but you can also connect QuickBooks and manage all your invoices there. Go to Add-Ons in the menu on the left, choose your favorite accounting app and configure it.

Online Payments

The best reward for any work done is getting paid on time. ActiveCollab lets you accept payments through PayPal and Stripe as well as credit card payments. Find the payment processing configuration in the Add-Ons section and centralize the whole system from an idea to getting paid in one app.

import projects from different project management tools
Activecollab importers

Import your work

Already managing your projects somewhere else? There's no need to start everything from scratch unless you want to. Import your data and continue where you left off!

How to import your projects