ActiveCollab Pro Plan

Organize Your Entire Workflow

Improve and optimize your day-to-day! ActiveCollab is a platform that supports the organization of the entire business. From an idea to an invoice, it's all in one tool.

  • Automate your work

    Projects are easier to handle once they're split up into tasks. Set up start and due dates, assign tasks, and attach files. Never let any information get lost again!

  • Plan ahead

    Distribute an equal workload to all team members, and don't let anyone burn out! Keep track of days off and adjust the upcoming assignments accordingly.

  • Improve productivity

    Let your team track time directly on tasks, review everyone's time records in the Timesheet, and compare tracked hours to the estimated time to improve your evaluation.

  • Ensure your payments

    Select a budget type and monitor your projects' profitability. Invoice a fixed budget or a total of tracked hours and expenses. Collaborate with clients and make every hour count.

assign and manage Plan ahead Improve productivity Ensure your payments

Perfect for larger teams

The bigger the team, the bigger the chance for something to slip. When "I thought he was going to finish that" becomes a recurring sentence, you know you can wave goodbye to those deadlines. Big companies can be challenging but not impossible to manage, especially when you can set up an ecosystem and make it work for you.

Some real-life feedback from our customers

“The teams have become more cross-functional. With a common tool it has been much easier to assign people to new projects.”

“I believe this is a tool for anyone dealing with multiple people working on the same project, or even individuals in charge of complex projects!”

“We share ideas, provide edits, give feedback, and encourage one another all in one place. Even though we all work remotely, we still get to see what others are working on in real-time.”

What’s included in the Pro plan

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Enhance your efficiency


have reported increased stress levels due to inefficient workplace communication


of executives, educators, and employees see ineffective communication as a key factor in workplace failures


lose two to three working hours per week searching for information

Companies that manage larger teams or multiple projects say it’s easier to organize individual
bits of work with ActiveCollab. Collaborating in a single platform saves time and prevents
essential information from slipping away.

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Gain complete control
over your work!

Communicate and collaborate with your team and clients seamlessly,
never let deadlines surprise you again, and make every hour count.
It's all in one tool: ActiveCollab.