Invoice your work in under 1 minute.

When you charge by the hour, you need to spend valuable time making invoices, plus check if your math is right. ActiveCollab's invoicing system helps you do everything in just a few clicks.

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Create a project icon

Create a project

Create a project and break down all your work into to-do tasks.

Create a project workflow
Set hourly rates icon

Set hourly rates

Assign your hourly rates and how much you charge to each type of work.

Set hourly rates workflow
Track time icon

Track time

When you start working, start the ActiveCollab Timer. Once you finish, stop it. That time record will then be added to the task you were working on.

Track time workflow
Create invoice icon

Create invoice

When you're ready to bill your clients, choose what time records to include and create the invoice.

Create invoice workflow
Send invoice icon

Send invoice

Write a note and ActiveCollab will send the invoice to your client, which they can pay online.

Send invoice workflow

I couldn't invoice (or pay the bills) without ActiveCollab.
Nothing brightens my day quite like an email from ActiveCollab (letting me know a client has paid their invoice). I really love being able to offer clients the option of paying by credit card, and ActiveCollab's partnership with Stripe makes that possible. The interface is clean, user-friendly, and doubles as a project management tool. Gotta love everything in one place.

Phil Pallen, Brand & Social Strategist at Phil Pallen Collective in Los Angeles

Phil Pallen
Brand & Social Strategist
at Phil Pallen Collective

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