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Troubleshooting Self-Hosted ActiveCollab

Sending Email to ActiveCollab


ActiveCollab can check IMAP mailbox and import messages. Replies to notifications are imported as comments, and an email sent to the project address is imported as new tasks (or discussions, when clients send them).

Replies to Notifications are not Imported

In case that you do not receive replies to notifications, please make sure that check_imap_every_3_minutes cron job is properly configured and running.

Messages Sent to Project Address don't get Imported 

Each project has an email address that users can send messages to. System imports these messages as discussions when they are sent by clients who don't have a permission to create tasks, or as tasks for all other known users.

In case messages are not imported, check the following:

  • The sender is a known user in the People section, and has an active account. Messages sent by people who don't have an account are ignored,
  • check_imap_every_3_minutes cron job is properly configured and running,
  • Your email server has Plus-Addressing enabled. If you are not familiar with Plus-Addressing, read the note below.

What is Plus-Addressing?

Plus addressing is a feature of email server where messages sent to get delivered to mailbox. This feature has been popularized by Gmail, and people find it useful because it lets them create rules that automatically sort or handle messages that come with a specific value after + sign.
For example, you may subscribe to all newsletters using, and set up a rule that automatically movers messages send to that address to a folder where you keep your newsletters that you can then read when you find some time.
Some email servers and mail services, like Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 are known to be slow to adopt this feature. 

Using Gmail as a mail server

If you're using Gmail (G Suite) as your mail service, make sure to allow less secure apps to connect to your mailbox.

This doesn't necessarily mean that any other app that is connecting to the mailbox is less secure, it's just Google's way of security standard.

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