Support and Upgrades

Every self-hosted license comes with one year of support and upgrades, which means:

  • You get all the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes.
  • Our team can log on to your server and fix any problems with ActiveCollab.

However, there are a few things which you'll have to take care of yourself. Our support doesn't cover:

  • installing and setting up your server (e.g. PHP, MySQL, rewriting rules)
  • configuring Cron jobs, email, or Elasticsearch
  • help with ActiveCollab v1 or v2
  • installing or upgrading ActiveCollab (offered as a separate service)

Renewing Support and Upgrades #

When your support and upgrades expire after one year, you can (optionally) renew for $699 in the next 14 days. After that, renewing costs $999 - the same as buying a full license.

To renew, log in to with the license email address and click the Renew link.

If you don't renew, you can keep using your ActiveCollab. Our support team will still give you pointers if you need help - but they won't access your server to fix problems. You also won't be able to download new versions of ActiveCollab.

Install/Upgrade Credit #

If you'd like our team to install or update your ActiveCollab, you can buy install/upgrade credit for $99 per installation. Simply log in to with the license email and click Buy.

Before Buying
  • Your server has to meet the system requirements.
  • Install/upgrade credit doesn't cover configuring your server, Cron jobs, email, or Elasticsearch.
  • Your support and upgrades need to be active.
  • If your support and upgrades expired, buying install/upgrade credit doesn't give you access to the latest version (you'll need to renew your support separately).

After you buy the credit, please provide SSH access to your server and MySQL connection info (the host name - usually "localhost", username, and password). If that's not possible, you can also schedule a TeamViewer session with our tech support.