Moving to the Cloud

The cloud version of ActiveCollab is a reliable and convenient solution for managing your projects online. If you already own the self-hosted version, we can help you migrate your data. Benefits include:

  • Optimal performance, stability, and security,
  • Zero maintenance - we take care of updates, server settings, emails, backups, etc.

The cloud and the self-hosted version are practically identical. The only difference on the cloud is:

  • No custom domain - instead, you'll get a new URL (eg. app.activecollab/123),
  • No custom email address - emails will be sent from

To get started, simply send an email to You'll need to provide:

  • SSH or Remote Desktop access,
  • MySQL connection parameters (hostname, username, and password).

Our tech staff will then contact you so you can schedule the migration. We recommend no one is using your ActiveCollab at that time.