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Creating Task Dependencies


Add a dependency between tasks to make sure they are completed in a specific order.

There are 2 ways to set up a task dependency:

  • Select the Timeline view and create a dependency between two tasks by stretching out the line from one (Parent task) to another (Child task). The linking points are little circles that show up once you hover over a task. Simply connect the dots and you'll have multiple dependencies set up in no time!

  • The alternative way of setting up task dependencies is directly within a task modal. By clicking the "Add a dependency" button, the option to search for another task and define the relationship between the two tasks will appear.

Task Dependencies flow

In ActiveCollab, a Parent task (predecessor) should be completed before its Child task (successor).

When setting up Due dates for your tasks with dependencies, make sure the Parent task's deadline is before the due date of its Child tasks.
You will see a warning sign when Due dates overlap.

Removing Task Dependencies

You can remove a Task dependency in two ways as well.

  • By clicking the link that connects the tasks in Timeline view.

  • By clicking the 'X' sign within a task modal. The 'X' will show up once you hover over a dependent task.

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