Managing Users

After you’ve invited your users to ActiveCollab, you can update their details and add them to companies or teams. If you don’t plan to work with a user or a company anymore, you can also move them to the Archive or the Trash.

Updating User Details

  • Open People,
  • Click the three-dot menu next to the user name,
  • Choose whether you wish to:
    • Change the role and set additional permissions (learn more),
    • Give access to existing projects,
    • Change the company,
    • Add the user to a team,
    • Move the user to the Archive but keep them in the system,
    • Move the user to the Trash to remove them from ActiveCollab.

Creating Companies

  • Open People,
  • Click +New Company,
  • Enter the Name,
  • Set the (optional) details:
    • Company Details - address, website, phone number. Currency - for hourly rates and invoicing. Custom Hourly Rates - set values specific to this company,
    • Note - additional information about the company,
  • Click Create Company.

Managing Teams

If the same people work together often, you can group them into a team to invite them to new project faster:

  • Go to the People section,
  • Go to Teams,
  • Click +New Team,
  • Enter the Name and choose Members,
  • Click Create Team.