Managing Users

After you’ve invited your users to ActiveCollab, you can update their details and add them to companies or teams. If you don’t plan to work with a user or a company anymore, you can also move them to the Archive or the Trash.

Updating User Details

  • Open People,
  • Click the three-dot menu next to the user name,
  • Choose whether you wish to:
    • Change the role and set additional permissions (learn more),
    • Give access to existing projects,
    • Change the company,
    • Add the user to a team,
    • Move the user to the Archive but keep them in the system,
    • Move the user to the Trash to remove them from ActiveCollab.

Creating Companies

  • Open People,
  • Click +New Company,
  • Enter the Name,
  • Set the (optional) details:
    • Company Details - address, website, phone number. 
    • Currency - for hourly rates and invoicing. 
    • Custom Hourly Rates - set values specific to this company,
    • Note - additional information about the company,
  • Click Create Company.

Choosing a Default Tax Rate for a Company

You can choose a default tax rate for each company:

  • Open the People section, 
  • Choose any company, 
  • Click Edit Company,
  • Set a default tax rate. 
This tax rate will be set by default in new invoices and estimates. It can be changed in each document. The default tax rate is set in invoicing section of System Settings. (See here how to add Tax Rates in System Settings).

Managing Teams

If the same people work together often, you can group them into a team to invite them to new projects faster:

  • Go to the People section,
  • Go to Teams,
  • Click +New Team,
  • Enter the Name and choose Members,
  • Click Create Team.