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Webhooks can notify 3rd party services about what's happening in ActiveCollab. To push data back to your ActiveCollab, use our API (webhooks can only take data from ActiveCollab).

The URLs specified here will be triggered with a POST HTTP request when:

  • A new Project, Discussion, Task, Comment, Note, or Company is created.
  • A Task is edited, copied/duplicated, completed, or moved to a different Task list or a Project.
  • A new user is invited or accepts the invitation.
  • A new File is uploaded.
  • A Time record or Expenses are logged.
  • Something is moved to or back from the Trash.

A 3rd party app sends a POST HTTP request to a webhook in ActiveCollab and receives a JSON payload; the format depends on the webhook and can’t be changed.

JSON payload format:

To add a new webhook, use the Add-on page and follow these steps:

  • Click Add New Webhook,
  • Enter the Description of your webhook,
  • Enter the Target URL from which your app receives POST requests,
  • Enter the Secret used for authentication (optional),
  • Click Add New Webhook.

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