My Work

My Work

My Work includes everything that’s important for you on one page. It helps you keep track of updates and all your open tasks, logged time, and project activity.


  • If you’re subscribed to an item, updates appear whenever someone:
    • Creates a task, discussion, or note.
    • Completes a task.
    • Leaves a comment (learn more)
  • The most recent updates appear at the top.
  • Click View all my updates to see the entire update history.
  • Click on an update to see the details and mark it as read.

My Tasks

  • All tasks you’re assigned to are shown grouped by project.
  • Click on a task to see or edit the details.
  • Click +New Task to add new tasks to existing projects.

My Time

  • All your recent time records appear here.
  • Click +Log Time to add a task to a project and enter a new time record.
  • You can also view the timesheet and click +New time record there.

My Activity

  • This is a timeline of all your activity in ActiveCollab.
  • The most recent activities appear at the top.
  • Click View my complete activity timeline to see a full list.