My Account

To access you Active Collab account, simply go to and enter your email and password.

If you’re having trouble, click the Forgot password? link or get in touch with our support.

Your Account #

After logging in, you’ll be able to see:

  • Accounts - all your trials, cloud accounts, and self-hosted installations are listed here.
  • Profile - update your picture, name, email, contact details and regional settings.
  • Password & Security - change your password.
  • Licenses - if you bought a cloud subscription or a self-hosted license, it’ll appear here.

You can also update your settings after logging in to your Active Collab.

Click on your name in the lower left corner to:

  • Update your profile to change your photo, name, email address, regional settings, and language.
  • Set your preferences by picking a background photo, setting email notifications, and choosing the default screen after logging in.
  • Change your password to keep your account safe.
  • Sign out.
Setting the Language

You can set the default language to English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, and Turkish. If your language isn't listed and you'd like to contribute, feel free to get in touch.

The default language for all users can be set in the System Settings, but each user can override the default for themselves in their Profile settings.

You can also change the language for invoices only (eg. use Active Collab in English but issue invoices in French). When creating a new invoice, you’ll get the option to choose in which language you want to issue it.

Cancelling Your Account #

If you wish to cancel your account, feel free to send an email to and we’ll gladly help you out.