Customizing Invoices

Invoices in ActiveCollab can be customized to match your requirements. Only Owner users can access these settings (learn more).

Changing Invoice Settings

  • Open System Settings,
  • Click Edit Invoicing Settings,
  • You’ll be able to:
  • Add different Tax Rates,
  • Set a default Tax Rate, (see here how to add a tax rate to a Company),
  • Choose how to group tracked time and expenses on invoices (learn more),
  • Preset item and note templates,
  • Set when invoices are marked as overdue,
  • Enable and customize invoice overdue reminders,
  • Click Save Changes.

Customizing the Appearance

  • Open System Settings,
  • Click Invoice Designer.
  • You’ll be able to:
  • Insert your logo,
  • Choose a paper size (A4 or letter),
  • Add a company name and details,
  • Change the position of the logo, footer items, and client details,
  • Toggle borders,
  • Show the footer and print marks,
  • Click Save Changes.