Do you wish to activate the Free plan?

Are you getting this message in the activation process?
There is a simple way to solve this.

Your account must meet these requirements in order for the Free Plan to be activated:

  1. Up to 3 chargeable users,
  2. Up to 1 GB of storage.

If this is not the case, you need to:

- Reduce the number of chargeable users (Owner, Member+, Member, Client+) by accessing the People section and archiving or deleting users. 

- You also need to reduce the number of storage to 1 GB. The fastest way to do this is to access the Completed projects, sort them from the largest to smallest, and then delete the ones that take up the most space.

- Another way is to delete the files that are a part of your project. Access the project, and under the Files section, click on Size to sort the files from larger to smaller. After that, you can delete the selected files.