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An efficient way to track the time you and your team members spend working on tasks. The Stopwatch is available to all users on your account who have permission to track time on tasks:

  • Owner,
  • Member+,
  • Member.

Those with Client and Client+ roles can see the total tracked time but are not able to use the Stopwatch.

Track the time on all your tasks

When you start tracking your time and close the task view, Stopwatch will be ticking away in the top-right corner. Click on it, and the currently tracked time, as well as the previous time records which have not been exported yet, will be shown.

Enabling Stopwatch

If you want your team to use the Stopwatch, it needs to be enabled first:

  1. Go to System settings and open Time and Expenses settings,
  2. Enable Time tracking and Time estimation (you can enable the Round up option here if you want your tracked time to be rounded up to a certain number or to have a minimum time entry).

Running Stopwatch

Once you've enabled the Stopwatch: 

Run the stopwatch from the project

  • Click on the three dots in a project, 
  • Choose Start Stopwatch
Once the stopwatch is started on a project, you can pause or resume the stopwatch, before you upload the time to the project. 


Run the stopwatch from the task:

  • Open any task and you'll find it on the right side,
  • Click on the Play icon.
  • Stopwatch tracks your time even when the modal is closed or you go elsewhere in your browser.
  • You can't track time on multiple tasks at the same time.

Saving the tracked time

When you want to save the time you've tracked:

  • Click on the export button in the Stopwatch menu,
  • Edit the Time record if needed,
  • Click on "Add time record",
  • Great, the time you tracked has been saved!

The Stopwatch will track your time in minutes and hours. You can always set up a round-up interval and minimum entry in the Stopwatch settings.

Pause Or Stop Stopwatch

To pause or stop tracking time on one task and start tracking it on another, simply start the Stopwatch on the next task, and the previous one will be automatically paused. You can also export any of the time records from the list in the top-right menu.

Switching Stopwatches And Exporting Time

Whenever the Stopwatch is running, it's visible in the top right corner. Click on it to:

  1. Export time records - by clicking on the export button, submit your tracked time and edit the time entry if needed,
  2. Switch from one Stopwatch to another - you can stop tracking time on one task and start tracking it on another simply by activating the Stopwatch on the other task. Once you activate a Stopwatch, the previously activated one will automatically pause.

You can't track time on multiple tasks at the same time.

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