Personal Timesheet

The Personal Timesheet can be found in the main menu > My Work by all ActiveCollab users. It shows time records tracked in a certain week throughout all projects and tasks.


  • Go to the My Work section in the main menu, and you'll find My Time tucked in between My Tasks and My Activity,
  • It will show all your time records sorted by Projects and Tasks,
  • The time records are displayed week by week, and in the upper right corner you can choose which week you wish to look at,
  • The numbers are marked in various colors, depending on the daily capacity. If someone tracked fewer hours than their daily capacity anticipates, the numbers will be red. If they're orange, it means the number of tracked hours exceeds the daily capacity. If the tracked hours match the daily capacity, the numbers won't be marked. The same color-coding applies to the weekly totals column on the far right,

  • The projects and tasks in the Timesheet are clickable, taking you straight to them and allowing you to see all the necessary details quickly,
  • Tasks need to be assigned to the user and have a due date set to appear in the Personal Timesheet. They'll also be there if time has been tracked on them by the user within the week that is being looked at,
  • You can track time directly on a project rather than on a specific task, in which case time records will be shown in the "Directly on project" field,

  • If a task is completed, it will still appear in the Personal Timesheet, but its name will be stricken through,
  • New time records can be added by clicking on any field within the week (except the totals),

  • If you have start and due date set withing your task, you may also see it as you gently hover over the line which is shown at the bottom of the cell, colored the same as the Project,
  • If you would like to edit/change the time record, you can do the following: