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Personal Timesheet


To view Personal Timesheet, go to My Work > Timesheet shows all your time records sorted by Projects and Tasks.

How to use Personal Timesheet:
  • The projects and tasks in the Timesheet are clickable, just click to go to a project or task,
  • Only a task assigned to you with a due date will appear in Personal Timesheet,
  • Tracked time on task appears as a number,
  • Track time directly on the Project,
  • A completed task is stricken through,
  • Click any cell to add new time records,
  • Hover over the line in the cell to view due dates (the line is colored as your project),
  • From here you can also edit or delete entries.
  • Use the Calendar button to choose which week you are viewing.

Use Plus Button on the right to quickly:

  • Add a Task,
  • Add a Time Record,
  • Add an Availability Record.

Color meaning in Timesheet:

  • Total tracked time numbers are marked in various colors,
  • The color shows the capacity used up,
  • Red means fewer hours were tracked than the daily capacity,
  • Orange means that the tracked hours exceeded the daily capacity,
  • Tracked hours that match the capacity won't be marked.

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