ActiveCollab and Zapier Integration

Moving data between apps and manually updating records is the biggest time-waster in every company. But there's an easy solution: automate the boring stuff with Zapier, a service that lets your apps talk to each other.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an online tool that automates your workflow by connecting your favorite apps. You don’t have to code or hire developers to build complex integrations anymore because Zapier can automate repetitive tasks.

Why ActiveCollab + Zapier?

ActiveCollab is integrated with Zapier, meaning you can integrate ActiveCollab with other apps you use and automate your workflow. When something happens in one app, an event can be triggered in ActiveCollab and vice versa.

For example, you have to arrange a meeting. First, you need to add an event to Google Calendar. Then, you need to create a task in ActiveCollab so you can track the time for the meeting (and later bill your client). Instead of creating the event in Google Calendar and then manually creating the task in ActiveCollab, you can connect ActiveCollab with Google Calendar using Zapier. You do this by defining customizable actions in Zapier (aka. zaps), like When there's a new event in Google Calendar, then create a task in ActiveCollab.

How to Connect Zapier and ActiveCollab

Triggers (when any of these things happen, an action can happen in another app) that ActiveCollab supports:

Actions (happening in ActiveCollab connected to activities in other apps) that ActiveCollab supports:

Tip: You can also connect ActiveCollab with ActiveCollab. For example, when a new project is created, invite a user to the project.

Examples of Zapier and ActiveCollab Integration

ActiveCollab has some built-in integrations that let you automate the essential stuff. These add-ons are free and don't have any limit on how many times you can use them:

Explore all the apps ActiveCollab integrates with and connect your favorite tools for an impeccable workflow!