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Tech Roles as DND Classes

Tech Roles as DND Classes
At first glance, you could say these two are (fantasy) worlds apart, but people working in tech actually have more in common with classic Dungeons & Dragons classes than you might think. They both work in unison as part of a team-based environment, where they solve impossible-seeming problems and overcome numerous hurdles - even when all the odds are stacked against them. Every position comes with its own set of responsibilities, based on the skills and traits the person in question excels at. 

Project Manager - Paladin

A proper Project Manager, just like a Paladin - leads by virtuous example. They take charge and are the first ones out there on the front lines, where they are often on the receiving end of danger and harm. Even though they possess a nice mix of practical skills and knowledge, their biggest advantage by far is the understanding of all the strengths and weaknesses of teammates under their care and command. Out on the battlefield or in the office, they dispense responsibilities and give out directions - based on the present situation and the person best suited to handle it.

Marketer - Bard

Weaving tales that inspire and beguile, Marketers fulfill the same role as Bards. Their job is to make sure that everyone knows about the company (and party) - its glorious deeds, epic victories, and great goods. How they overcame adversity and rose to the top, emboldened and empowered by their struggles. While all Marketers are charismatic, natural-born storytellers, some employ the written word to get their message out there, and others use videos, images, charts, diagrams, and data. Using these tools of their trade, they can draw an even greater number of people to support their cause and try out (and hopefully - buy) their products.

Customer Support - Cleric

The ultimate support class, in more ways than one! Kind and gentle souls that help heal the damage brought about by bugs (in the case of Clerics, often real, huge ones!), or misuse. Blessed with infinite patience and boundless empathy, their purpose in life is to spread goodwill and knowledge through soothing words of encouragement and thoughtful guidance. Always calm and collected, they will keep their cool resolve no matter what - if it’s a rampaging Orc charging directly at them, or a grumpy customer hurling obscenities on the other end of the telephone.

Software Engineer - Rogue

Dashing individuals operating from the shadows. Their work, like themselves, is shrouded in mystery to all but themselves, but without their quiet, behind-the-scenes labors - the tech industry would not even exist, let alone thrive like it has been for decades. They disarm concealed dangers before the rest of their teammates are even aware of them, detect and figure out complex codes that lead to undiscovered treasure. They are first-rate planners and architects, perpetually on the lookout for ways to improve their skills and add a new tool to their belt.

Designer - Mage

Like Mages, Designers also create magic, but through their art. They take a flash of shapes and colors, and reorganize and imbue them with purpose and beauty. Guided by a combination of constant hard work, diligent practice, as well as some more esoteric teachings, both of them spend long hours marveling over the works of other accomplished artists, in an effort to better understand and further enhance their own craft. Their art, like magic itself, is rarely understood by others, but no one can deny the awe-inspiring effect it has on people viewing it. 

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