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ActiveCollab is an online workspace enabling creative professionals to do their best work, while taking care of their business. Literally.

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A single source of truth between 
production, operations, and stakeholders

A single service and a single account for everything you need, end-to-end


Plan and Organize

Your work, from start to finish.


Communicate and collaborate

And communicate with your team, clients, and stakeholders.


Evaluate your progress

Track your time, and keep an eye on the health of your business.


Track the budget

Always stay within budget and get paid for your work.

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Making remote work, work

It is clear that work cannot be contained within the office walls anymore. Managing a distrubuted team comes with its own challenges, but ActiveCollab has all the necessary tools to face them head on.

Teams use tasks to remain accountable, and workload makes sure that no one is pushed to their limits or remain underutilized, all while being at an arm’s reach or on a different continent.

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Managing projects and work

Email is like floodwater, we’re drowning in it

Our inboxes were not built for the volume of email we get these days. It’s hard to prioritize and classify messages as it is abused with adverts, notifications, and we just hope for the sake of your sanity you’re separating your personal and business emails.

ActiveCollab centralizes all correspondence in one place, makes sure conversations are had in places they are supposed to, and the activity stream allows for a transparent overview of what people are working on.

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Project management communication tool

Make busywork a thing of the past

Do you know how much time you and your team are spending on work about work? This includes time tracking, reporting, and all other operative, non-essential obligations you need to do, so the real work becomes visible and apparent.

In ActiveCollab time tracking is as simple as can be, and is designed in a way that it requires little to no cognitive effort, while respecting people’s privacy by keeping them in control. Reporting features make daily check-ins unnecessary as all work is there to be seen by anyone who needs to know.

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Time management software

Some real-life feedback from our customers

For over a decade, more than 50,000 teams made Real Work happen with ActiveCollab.

Agencies & Marketing teams

"ActiveCollab streamlines project and client management, keeping everything in sync and ensuring we're always informed. With over 20 years of workflow experience, our large project templates allow us to set up a project in just 15 minutes, hassle-free!"

Customer photo
René Verkaart

Creative Director @ Stoere Binken Design

Tech companies

"All of our teams use ActiveCollab daily and around the clock to know the status of features/tasks + keep track of time! We LOVE ActiveCollab!"

Customer photo
Eric Burns

CEO @ Gazella Wifi

Professional services

"ActiveCollab is essential to our business, centralizing project management, document storage, and resource allocation. It handles time recording, both billable and non-billable, and manages all project tasks and notes. It's our team's go-to for project information."

Customer photo
Jackie O'Dowd

CEO @ Realising Potential

Retail & consumer goods

"We’re a collaborative team, often working across departments. ActiveCollab helps us break down big projects into smaller tasks and plan ahead. From campaigns to tradeshows, art projects to hour tracking, it keeps us all on the same page."

Erin Johnston

Social Media Coordinator @ BeaverTails


"I compared various tools on cost, accessibility, timesheeting, task management, and more. ActiveCollab came out on top, and we've used it ever since!"

Alice Jakins

Digital Workflow Lead @ New Media Publishing