Slack Integration with ActiveCollab

Get a notification in Slack whenever there’s a development on tasks in ActiveCollab

Slack is a business messaging app that facilitates communication and connects teams worldwide by offering many ways to personalize and adapt it to the company’s spirit.

Integrating your ActiveCollab account into Slack will take your collaboration to the next level. You’ll get the best of both worlds by communicating with your team on your favorite platform and staying informed on project progress in real-time.

Why Slack + ActiveCollab?

You don’t have to keep the ActiveCollab app open at all times while trying to focus on work! If all your communication flows through Slack, this integration allows you to get the necessary updates whenever an important change happens.

When you connect the two apps, you’ll be notified when:

You’ll be more efficient as filtering out important information becomes easier. You will see at a glance if you can give a thumbs-up and keep working on your tasks or if you need to get involved. For example, when you receive a notification about a task that needs your feedback, open it from Slack and leave a comment.

How to integrate Slack with ActiveCollab?

Four simple steps are all it takes to connect Slack and ActiveCollab:

If you’re self-hosting ActiveCollab or need more detailed instructions, read more here.