ActiveCollab and QuickBooks Integration

Connect ActiveCollab with your QuickBooks account and start issuing invoices to your clients

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is accounting software that helps small and medium-sized companies efficiently manage their invoices, bookkeeping, inventory, payroll, and financial reports.

Why ActiveCollab + QuickBooks?

ActiveCollab lets you track time and expenses on your projects and create invoices from these records. Once created, you can send the invoice to QuickBooks, process it further, and send it to your client.

Every change you make to an invoice in QuickBooks will also be reflected in ActiveCollab. The integration keeps the two apps in sync at all times, so the bookkeeper can focus on working in QuickBooks without updating information elsewhere.

How to connect ActiveCollab and QuickBooks?

Connecting the two apps is easily done in three steps:

For more details and instructions on connecting your self-hosted ActiveCollab account, visit our QuickBooks add-on help page.