Payment Processors in ActiveCollab

Centralize your entire sales cycle in ActiveCollab by sending invoices and letting your clients pay online

Simplify Payment Collection

In ActiveCollab, you can track time and expenses and create custom invoices for your clients. This will save you time and help you make precise calculations easily and quickly! The invoice will also contain a payment link, simplifying the entire process.

Multiple Payment Gateways

ActiveCollab integrates several payment gateways: Authorize.Net, Braintree, PayPal, and Stripe. You can choose and activate the gateway that best aligns with your business requirements and start providing your clients with an effortless online payment experience.

Once the invoice is paid, automated payment tracking will change its status to “Paid” in ActiveCollab, automating another step in your workflow and saving time and effort.

If your clients forgot to pay and you find it awkward sending them messages about it, you can rely on ActiveCollab’s payment reminders that you can set up for all invoices. You’ll be able to maintain a healthy cash flow by reminding clients about pending payments and reducing delays.

In short, ActiveCollab allows you to track time and expenses, create invoices quickly, send them to clients with a payment link, remind them automatically about pending payments, and change your invoice status once paid. It's an effortless way to encircle the entire workflow, from providing services to getting paid!