Dropbox Integration with ActiveCollab

Organize files in folders in your Dropbox, and then attach them to tasks, notes, and discussions. This way, you can keep your files organized and make them available to your team from one central repository.

Dropbox is a Cloud service creative professionals use to enhance their workflow and organize files better. Creating folders, uploading files, and keeping them in one place is of great importance for companies and their clients.

You can use a storage space of 2 GB for free to upload images, videos, and other types of files and share them with your team.

Attach Dropbox Files

Once you connect your Dropbox and ActiveCollab accounts, you’ll be able to attach the files you uploaded to Dropbox to your ActiveCollab tasks, notes, discussions, and chats.

Why Dropbox + ActiveCollab?

For some teams, it’s important to organize and share files through a centralized platform, while the workflow can be set up in an app such as ActiveCollab. This integration makes it possible to keep the functions of file storage and project management separate but connected at the same time.

How to integrate Dropbox with ActiveCollab?

Before attaching your first file, you’ll be asked to authorize the integration of Dropbox with ActiveCollab. Follow the steps and start sharing files using the “Attach Files” button on every comment, chat conversation, discussion, or note.