Web Designer / Web Developer

We're looking for a Web Designer / Web Developer to join us in our offices in Novi Sad, Serbia.

web designer / web developer job posting in novi sad

We’re looking for a web designer / web developer who wants to escape the agency life and become a true expert in everything web-related. This is your chance to escape factory work and the never-ending assembly line, difficult clients, and tight deadlines - this job is solely about you and the quest to create something that has real impact.

If you take this job, you’ll work on only one website, constantly perfecting it and expanding your skills.

You’ll design and code web pages and other visual assets, see how they perform, and then optimize them for maximum impact based on concrete data. We need someone who cares more about usability than collecting "likes" on Dribbble.

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Sounds good? Send us your CV along with links to your portfolio (website, GitHub, Dribbble, Behance, etc.) and why you want this job. We look forward to meeting you!

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