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PHP Developers

We're looking for PHP Developers to join our kick-ass team, and help us further improve ActiveCollab and supporting microservices.

What will be your job:
*We build awesome apps, and the core of those apps are made with widely used back-end technologies like PHP, and MySQL. You'll be charged with building additional functionality on the existing projects, or be involved in making new ones.
*ActiveCollab wants to be friendly with all the popular services on the net (Zapier, GitHub, Slack, etc). That's why we plan to make a plethora of integrations to support those services. You'll be involved in all phases of plugin development: from designing to developing.
*ActiveCollab is not just the ActiveCollab web app. Our work also covers various utilities and servers that are needed for ActiveCollab's smoothe operation (job queues, storage services, billing and account management, etc).
*Explore, experiment, learn, and then improve our existing code (in that order).
*Test your code by writing automated tests to make sure your code performs flawlessly every time it runs.
*Work on experimental projects for fun, contribute to open-source community, or both.

What we expect you bring to the table:
  • Expert and in-depth knowledge of PHP. Not knowing what's the MVC pattern is offensive. Backend Developer has to have a vast knowledge of the language itself, programming patterns, common pitfalls, and best practices.
  • You have to be an MySQL pro user. Testing, index optimization, and query optimization shouldn't be a dangerous foe.
  • PHPUnit knowledge is required.
  • You know that SOLID is not just an S in SSD. Hey, there's even an uncle involved!
  • Bash, zsh, cat, grep, init.d, rsync, scp - these terms shouldn't sound as mumbo jumbo to you.
  • Expert knowledge of HTML & CSS is implied; you'll still have to code an occasional HTML email. Also, our frontend developers tend to speak in frontend riddles so it would be nice to understand them.
  • Your code will be reviewed, you'll have to be OK with that. You'll also review other people's work.
  • Working experience with ElasticSearch and/or other NoSQL databases would be great.
What we bring to the table:
  • Paycheck at the beginning of every month.
  • 40-hour workweek, we promise. No more, no less.
  • Choose where you work. Remote is an option for select candidates.
  • Stress-free work environment, top-notch equipment, and challenging projects.
  • Free home-cooked lunch, coffee, and tea.
  • Productive critique and guidance.

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