QuickBooks Integration

Create invoices in QuickBooks from billable time and expenses.

If you use QuickBooks Online for managing your finances and accounting, Active Collab will be the perfect match for your business.

Active Collab lets you track time for each task and define hourly rates. When you wish to issue the invoice, you can create invoice in Active Collab from billable time and send that invoice to Quickbooks for further processing.

QuickBooks invoicing Active Collab integration

This lets you manage your projects and track time with Acive Collab, while continuing to issue your QuickBooks for accounting.

Active Collab and QuickBooks are always in sync so if an invoice is marked as Paid in QuickBooks by the bookkeeper, it is also marked as Paid in Active Collab. This way, the bookkeeper only needs to spend time in the QuickBooks while the team works on tasks and tracks time as usual.

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