Collaborate even more closely by giving your clients the new Client+ user role.

Then they’ll be able to create and assign tasks, and you’ll be able to assign tasks to them. They won’t be able to see hidden tasks and other items in ActiveCollab, so everything else works as usual.

Client plus add-on for better client collaboration

This is for people who want to give more control to their clients so they can, for example, set new tasks themselves (instead of emailing the project manager for everything).

On the other hand, you can assign them tasks when you can’t continue without their input. This way they know what's their responsibility.

Note that each Client+ user takes up a seat in your cloud plan, just like the Owner and Member roles. So if you’re on 5 member cloud plan and have 2 available seats, once you give a client the Client+ role, you’ll only have 1 seat left.

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