Team and Project Management for Creative Professionals.

ActiveCollab is a team and project management software that gives you complete control over your work.

ActiveCollab combines task management, team collaboration, time tracking and billing into a comprehensive project management tool.

Plan and discuss projects, share everything with your team, and keep track of all activities and ideas.

Create & schedule tasks with deadlines and filter them by assignees, dates, labels, or status.

Start running a winning team.

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Using ActiveCollab on our first project was a breath of fresh air. We were all on the same page from the start and our team was up and running as soon as we switched to it.
Alex Vasquez
Principal and Co-Founder @ DigiSavvy

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Quicker feedback, centralized communication, and file sharing make it easier to get your work moving.

Engage in discussions, share files, give and receive feedback, and stay in the loop with everything that's going on across all your projects.

Communication is no longer scattered across multiple chats and emails - everyone knows what's going on in ActiveCollab.

Start running a winning team and improve your project management.

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