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A powerful task management app that will help you organize your work, improve your overall productivity, and keep everyone on the same page. Always.

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A task management app that actually let's you focus on your work.


Map out and schedule your projects from start to finish with multiple task views and advanced task management features.


Make sure that all your projects stay on track and on budget while utilizing your team to it's full potential.


A single channel for all your business communication and collaboration activities. Assign, share and report in real-time.

"With ActiveCollab, I can easily check what happened the day before and get the clear picture of what is happening in the company."
Grant Phillips
CEO @ Growth Labs Marketing

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Work information is transparent and organized across projects, tasks and discussions, available to all relevant stakeholders.


Project proposals, time estimates, budgets, task and workload management, invoices, and powerful reporting - all in a single tool.


Focus on what's really important. Improve your project scheduling and make sure everything gets done. Always.

Make sure your task management app is a valuable ally.

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